After the Pests are Gone… Rodent Infestation Cleanup Services

If rats and other rodents have made your home their home, Redwood Restoration Services specializes in safe and effective rodent removal. If you see a mouse or rat, or you see their urine and feces, you likely have rodent infestation.

Signs of a Rodent Problem

Rats are cautious and primarily nocturnal, so you are much more likely to see evidence of their presence by the following signs:

Droppings: Rice grain-sized droppings are tapered. Each rat can deposit up to 40 droppings in one night and are often concentrated in one area.

Signs of Chewing: Rats possess large teeth that continue to grow as they mature. They need to teethe like a puppy, often choosing household objects that can be costly to you. This includes cords, cables, furniture and food.

Nests: Rats and mice are nesters. They will build their little beds out of soft household items such as insulation, cloth fiber, garbage, paper and cardboard.

Rub Marks: You’ve heard of the three blind mice? Rats and mice have poor eyesight and tend to frequent repeated routes along baseboards and walls. The resulting buildup of dirt and oil on their coats often leaves behind a trail of marks or smudges.

Scratching Noises: Since rats and mice are nocturnal by design, you might hear them scratching inside walls, attics, lofts, basements, and garages. They are teeth grinders, so you may hear an audible sound when the house is still.

Prevent Future Rodent Infestations

Rodents are hungry little fellas. They can eat up to one third of their body weight in one feeding. They eat human and pet food, animal droppings and garbage.

Cover animal food in lid tight metal containers. Keep food crumbs cleaned off your counters, floors, and around baseboards. Make sure you close your microwave oven and refrigerator doors.

If you have suspicion of an infestation, call our 24/7 service. We will visit and inspect your property, attic, house or business interior, basement and yard. After an inspection is complete, we will provide a thorough report for you and a cost for the professional cleanup.

Once you have your infestation and decontamination completed, make sure to follow the above guidelines to prevent further problems. A further inspection is free of charge.

Decontamination of Your Property After Removal

Our service begins after pest control services have addressed the active rodent problem. (If you need a recommendation for a pest control company, let us know…)

Our proposal will include all repairs and cleanup necessary to restore and protect your structure. This includes removal of contaminated materials, such as attic insulation. Our experts know where to find the urine and feces, and will effectively dispose of them.

We begin by removing excrement or dead rodents that may be causing lingering odors. Then we disinfect the areas to prevent disease to humans and animals and to discourage future infestations. We will then replace the damaged insulation in attics and walls.

After removal, our trained crew will seal the structure and set strategically-placed traps in areas to prevent future entry. This will avoid rodents from dying inside the walls, the hard-to-get-at places that leave lingering odors.

Redwood Restoration Best of Lake and Mendocino 2023 Award
Redwood Restoration Best of Lake and Mendocino 2023 Award

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