Biohazard Cleanup, Removal  and Decontamination Services

Redwood Restoration specializes in biohazard waste disposal, chemical disposal, and aftermath cleanup.

Situations requiring cleanup include post-fire, environmental crises, infectious contamination and death. We service both commercial and residential applications.

Our professional cleanup crew is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Call us to assess the situation and provide immediate prevention of further spread or human and pet harm.

Any biological or chemical substance that is considered hazardous to humans, animals, and /or the environment can be considered a biohazard. Trauma and death that occurs in the home, business or other confined space such as a vehicle, can leave behind various biohazardous materials. This poses a significant health threat to the inhabitants.

Any such event is an emotional trauma for those involved. Knowing how to ensure the safety of family, pets and clients is of grave concern, and one you may not want to tackle on your own. Redwood Restoration is a team of highly trained biohazard cleanup experts who are here to restore a safe environment for you.

What’s Involved in Decontamination Services

Decontamination is the process of cleansing an object or substance to remove contaminants. At Redwood Restoration, we clean it all–observing safety standards for you as well as our team.

Examples include blood, human or animal feces, hoarded material, micro-organisms, hazardous materials, infectious diseases and offensive odors.

The key stages of the decontamination process are:

  1. Pre-sterilization cleaning
  2. Disinfection
  3. Inspection
  4. Sterilization
  5. Storage

The methods we use for decontamination, liquid disinfection, vapors and gases. We take special care to remove undamaged materials for safe keeping. Humans and pets may need to be temporarily relocated as well.

Hoarding, Pet Waste and Other Biohazards

Most often gross filth occurs in homes and businesses where there has been hoarding, including material items and pets. The situation can become so overwhelming, the idea of cleaning this up becomes critically stressful.

It is not unusual for a cat or dog lover to acquire massive numbers of pets. The animal feces and urine cause irreparable damage to carpets and wood flooring. Professional help is often necessary to eliminate the odors now in the walls, floors and furniture.

Trash hoarding encourages rodents and insects which may result in dead animal stench and damage. Heavy smoking inside the home or business does not eliminate easily. Often professional help is needed to remediate this problem.

Reduce your stress and worry when a contamination situation occurs in your home or business. Let Redwood Restoration’s professional teamwork with you and your insurance to safely restore your dwelling.

Redwood Restoration Best of Lake and Mendocino 2023 Award
Redwood Restoration Best of Lake and Mendocino 2023 Award

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